10 Cloverfield Lane – Overconfident J.J Abrams?

Review by James Maina

10 Cloverfield Lane: is J.J Abrams getting overconfident?

J.J abrams is definately one of the most iconic film directors of our time. Having written and directed Lost -one of the first TV series that made binge watching popular, and recently he directed Star Wars – The Force Awakens, the highest grossing movie of all time in the US.

That is no mean achievement and audiences passionately love his endearing work. He did make some great overwhelming monster movies, like 2005’s Cloverfield and then movie that really underwhelmed – Super 8.

Cloverfield (2005) was a masterpiece

If you compare Cloverfield (2005) vs Super 8 (2011), Cloverfied is about a group a friends in NY having a party, with one of them ridiculously filming everything going on – from waking up to all the girls he is trying to hit and getting snubbed, to his brother getting dumped. Then something happens – the building shakes, lights go out and chaos ensues! JJ over-delivered a brilliant emotionally intelligent horror movie that keeps you on edge until the very end. Super 8 is also about a group of kids mad about making film using super 8 film. Then a train transporting a government secret project derails in their town and a monster is unleashed upon innocent citizens. The kids are brave enough to record it on film – hence the name Super 8. The Super 8 trailer was so promising that it made the record of the movie whose trailer was watched MORE than the movie! JJ under delivered.

One thing common for these movies was that the marketing was done ONE YEAR IN ADVANCE! I remember watching Super 8 trailer in July 2010 for a movie that was supposed to come out in July 2011!!!

Fast forward to 2016!

Last week, picture this – last week! JJ Abrams announced the trailer for a movie that is coming out in 2 MONTHS! What! and it is going to be the sequel of Cloverfield. With the title 10 Cloverfield Lane, the trailer shows a group of people – a family and a hostage? – held up in a basement. And some earth shaking events going on outside.

The trailer is well made and very unique. We give it 10 out of 10, as easily the best trailer of 2016. But clearly JJ Abrams overestimates the rules of marketing. People are not even aware this movie was coming out! It was not on any schedule and there is no buzz bulding.

Will he be able to make it a hit? We think not – this is a waste of money based on an overconfident producer after smoking a real high with Star Wars The Force Awakens.

Below is the trailer, coming out just 2 months from now March 11,2016

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