It’s another doctor-like series.The likes of Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice.

After a car crash on the way to his wedding, the Chief of Surgery, Charlie Harris (Michael Shanks), of Toronto’s Hope Zion Hospital ends up in a coma. He finds out that he can roam the hospital in spirit form.His fiancée and fellow surgeon, Alex Reid (Erica Durance,Smallville), tries to save his life with the help of other doctors, including surgeon Joel Goran (Daniel Gillies,The Originals), as they struggle with their day to day lives to keep the hope alive at Hope Zion.

The constant drama running episode to episode,season to season will make you wait anxiously for season 4.
From self-destructive and womanizer,Joel Goran,Self-conscious and uptight, Alex Reid,The no-nonsense Ex-wife/Cardiologist,Dawn’ll love it!

Ssn 1 is complete with 13 episodes
Ssn 2 is complete with 18 episodes
Ssn 3 is complete with 18 episodes
Ssn 4 Premier

Saving Hope
Saving Hope

es in September 2015

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