This,however, get’s you wondering whether to look forward to marriage or not (for those who are still single) and questioning whether our life partners are as happy as they appear to be.

Neil Truman has it all,Beautiful wife,beautiful kids, great job, and one big house. But as we’ve all come to learn, having it all means there’s something really important that’s amiss.
Neil Having been away on business, decides to come home early to surprise his loving wife (Grace, a Realtor) only to walk in on her with another man (apparently,a male escort) in a house she was ‘showing’. Astounded and unnoticed, he leaves the house and waits till the escort (Simon) leaves to confront him. His confrontation however,doesn’t ease his anger,till he later stumbles upon Simon’s phone that holds all his contacts to his escorts,and impersonates him to acquire some satisfaction of his own.

Its sexy,Kinky, a little annoying at times, but worth every penny.
Season 1 Complete With 10 episodes
Season 2 will be renewed this year,not sure when, but will let you know.satisfaction

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