If you were by any chance blown away by “The Mob Doctor” You should watch this..

Dr. John Ellison is a disillusioned physician who is dealing with his emotions in the aftermath of his daughter’s death. His situation changes, however, when he saves a boy’s life by intervening in a drive-by shooting. That experience turns him into an unexpected hero and — when he learns the boy is still targeted to die — leads him on a mission to keep the lad alive at any cost. Also dragged into the case are John’s wife, Samantha, who tries to support him while dealing with her own issues, and his by-the-book co-worker, Bridget, who must deal with the repercussions of his actions. Although trying to save a child’s life seems like the moral thing to do, John at times must compromise his principles and do what seems like the wrong thing to succeed in his mission.

Definitely a thrill to watch,mostly because Dr. John Ellison makes it worth the while.It’s amazing how one decision can change the entire course of your life.One minute,John is trying his best to keep his daughter’s memory alive and the next, he’s choosing to save a boy’s life which introduces him to a whole other world that he’s never thought he’d be a part of,and breaking and bending all kinds of rules..he’s hot though,don’t you think;-)?

Season 1 is complete with 10 episodes..

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