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Choosing T.V shows to watch has become even more difficult…

With Netflix and shows premiering every other month, it can sometimes feel as if there are too many shows to watch. No need to worry, What to Watch will do the hard work for you and give you our five picks every week.


  1. Colony (Network: USA)

Rated: 6/10

Unlike many offerings on the USA network, Colony goes as far out of the box as no other show has except Mr Robot, which premiered last year. The show takes place in a dystopian future where aliens rule humans. The world in this show is divided into two territories, East and West, where neither territory’s inhabitants can enter either territory without valid passes. The show follows former FBI agent Will Bowman (Josh Holloway) and his wife Katie Bowman (Sarah Wayne Callies).


  1. The Shannara Chronicles ( Network: MTV)

Rated: 7/10

Based on the books of the same name by Terry Brooks, comes a fantasy show that follows a princess elf’s journey to save mankind and the world’s other inhabitants from the rise of the demons. The demons trapped within the Ellcrys tree for thousands of years are escaping because the tree continues to die and releases demons as each leaf falls. If you are a fan of the Hobbit and the Lord of the Rings, you will like this one. It is not quite on par with the Lord of the Rings series but to be fair its audience comes from a younger generation.


  1. Billions (Network: Showtime)

Rated: 7/10

Damien Lewis, Homeland alum returns to the small screen as he plays the role of Bobby Axelrod, a billionaire suspected of underhand dealings by the US attorney Chuck Rhoades ( Paul Giamatti). Although Billions offers the same two main characters as most shows whose premise lies in financial fraud, it is the female characters who are the most intriguing. It might be too early to tell if the US Attorney against billionaire magnate will become stale but hopefully the show, who’s third episode aired on Sunday, will have more to offer by the end of season 1.


  1. The X-Files Reopened (Network: Fox)

Rated: 8/10

Same old show, same old characters, same new cases, whole different timeline.

The 2016 X-files which premiered on January 24th is like coming home and reuniting with long-lost family members – especially for fans of the original show. Mulder (Duchovny) and Scully (Anderson) might have become a bit older, but their chemistry remains the same. If you’ve never watched the X-files, no need to worry, this reloaded 6-episode series can be viewed as a single season.


  1. Lucifer (Network: FOX)

Rated: 8/10

Unlike the title of the show might suggest, this is not a blood curling scream-inducing show. The pilot plays out more like a case of the week show, where Lucifer (yes, we mean the devil) plays the role of police consultant. Tom Ellis brings a refreshing ‘the devil may care’ – pun intended – attitude to the character that makes the devil likeable or if I dare say, lovable. The show’s premise offers a lot of promise, and hopefully, Fox will do more than have the devil help the police solve weekly cases.



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