Allied (2016) Review

A 'modern' World War II drama


A TCM style World War II drama, Allied stars Brad Pitt as Max, a Canadian intelligence officer who gets sent to French controlled Morroco with one mission: Assasinate the German Ambassador.

To accomplish the mission he teams up with the beautiful Marryane, a shrewd spy. What he does accomplish is a marriage to Marryane and a blissful first years of marriage complimented by the birth of their daughter.

Things take a dramatic turn when Max is called by HQ and told heart wrenching news: The  british suspect Marryane is a spy for the Germans. He is given two choices if she falls into a trap he is supposed to set: Either kill her and settle the issue or both of them be killed by the Goverment.  And the caveat to all this is that he has 72 hours to decide, with strict instructions not to investigate on his own..

Faced with such an impossible choice, what would you do if you were Max? Choose for your Country or your Wife? Even more compelling question is, if you were Maryane and you discovered you were busted what would you do?  Choose for your Baby or your Country or your Husband?

That is the dramatic finish to this exhilarating movie that doesn’t spare the audience the unnecessary scenes of sex, violence and the french resistance to tell such a straightforward tale.

Rated  3.5 out of 5

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