Angie Tribeca: No.3 TV Series to Watch This Weekend

Angie Tribeca
Angie Tribeca
Angie Tribeca is the No.3 TV Series to Watch This Weekend

Season 1 Complete, Crime Comedy, 10 Episodes, Released 2016

Lone-wolf detective Angie Tribeca and a squad of committed LAPD detectives investigate the most serious cases, from the murder of a ventriloquist to a rash of baker suicides. Almost every line and minute of the show is one joke right after another, and they don’t all hit, but about 99% of them are seriously funny.

The show stars Rashida Jones as Angie Tribeca and is one of the new series of 2016 that will crack your ribs.

Check out the blooper trailer for the series below.

Rated 6 out of 10.


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