Review by Lydiah Jenipha Kwanzu

Am the kind of girl who loves to watch a series that has some romance and action in it and Arrow is one such series. Looking at season 4, all olicity fans (including me) had been eagerly waiting for it. forget about what Oliver told Barry in the Arrow/Flash crossover that guys like them don’t get the girl, Oliver Queen got the girl (I must admit this guys is down right handsome).
The 1st episode of season 4 dives right in doesn’t waste our time on some unnecessary things, we get to see the life that Oliver and Felicity have been living, am assuming the one they always wanted in a calm and serene environment and not chasing after bad guys and oooh Oliver now wants to pop the big question to Felicity. Back in start city Diggle, Thea and Laurel are protecting the city but they are not doing a good job at that, so Laurel and Thea decide to ask for Oliver’s help despite Diggles refusal and their timing at Oliver and Felicity’s house could not be worse they arrive just when Oliver is about to pop the question 😯😬 but not to worry in episode 9 you will get to see the sweetest proposal :))

All thru out the season we get to see how the team works to fight against the new villain in town Damien Dhark, more of Olicity moments and also their roughest patch this was in episode 6, Oliver meeting his son,Oliver deciding to run for mayor which leads us to the events of episode 9. In episode 9 Oliver finally pops the question but the happiness only last a few minutes before Oliver and Felicity are shot at and the episode leaves us with a cliffhanger depicting that Felicity might be dead.

But hey my theory is that felicity ain’t dead, its just what the writers want us to think. In episode 1 flash forward it showed Oliver at someones grave 6 months later but in this episode its only 3 months coz Felicity told her mom that Oliver was going to propose 3 months ago.

And from my series knowledge thanks to watching too many if the writers want to kill off a character they don’t make it too obvious.The second half of season 4 premieres on January 20th 2016

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