Season 1 of Bad Blood is an extremely bloody, well acted and captivating mafia netflix TV series that truly deserves a binge watch. Season 2 mediocrity is the exact opposite of season 1, don’t even watch it except maybe just for fun. Like watching a rerun of Good Trouble.

At the center of Bad Blood is a mafia boss called Vito Rizzoto (Italian name for Vitu Nzito hehehe…lol) who has one ambition: take over the port city of Montreal and control the docks, hence the entire city. He achieves this feat in spectacular brutal fashion, smashing submission into every corner of the city, from real estate to city hall and eventually everything centers around him.

But he makes several critical mistakes – some he really could not do anything about like his big mouth son – that lands him in jail. He realizes he has to trust someone to run his business, and out of all his lieutenants, he chooses Declan, his most ruthless assistant, who except for not being “family”, has his back….or does he??

Suddenly he finds everyone is dead, and he comes out of jail to find himself isolated, desperate and with only one move: kill everyone! And that’s where the series really starts.

The interesting thing about bad blood, despite all the tough guy acting, is that it is actually loosely based on a real life mafia family that is thought to be in existence today. It is also coming from a book Business or Blood: Mafia Boss Vito Rizzuto’s Last War, by Antonio Nicaso and Peter Edwards.

Therein lies the problem. Season 1 had a good source material. Lots of it. They just had to mix in truth, lies and pick nifty interesting bits and pieces from the book. On Season 2, it looks like they had exhaused their source material and tried to extend a story, that for me, seems to have been fully told. It had ended.

In Season 2, Declan is now the man, and he faces challenges from Europe, and so begins what seems to be a remix of season one, but instead of having new twists and turns, they stuck to the same old Bad Blood theme, and created a mess so bad you want to switch off the TV. What a mess.

Season 1 is incredibly awesome piece of * and a must watch watch…while Season 2…i’ll leave you to judge that piece of * for yourself.

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Bad Blood Rating Season 1
Bad Blood Rating Season 2
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