The original Barbershop of 2002 was an original story about Calvin (Ice Cube) getting mixed up with loan sharks and losing and getting back the Barbershop. Made on a tiny budget of USD 12m, it grossed over 77m making it a huge box office success and guaranteeing multiple sequels including an arguably less stellar sequel Barbershop: Back in Business. The good thing with the new Barbershop: The Next Cut is they retained some of the exciting original cast, Eve, Cedric The Entertainer, Anthony Anderson and Ice Cube, while heavy hitter musicians Niki Minaj, Common and Tyga make an entrance with actually good performances.

This is the perfect comedy for the family, full of clean jokes, no censored words for once, and full of lessons in parenthood, fidelity, sexuality and teen violence. The best thing i like about Barbershop is the authentic feel to it…the gangsters act real and don’t joke, the barbers and salonists are funny but we get a sneak peak into each of their lives, each with his/her own story, with Calvin at the center of the story.

Funniest part of Barbershop Next Cut is arguably when “Obama” gets a haircut and Cedric messes his cut! Wait, no, i think the funniest bit is when Eve tries to seduce Common – talk about a desperate woman! Or when J.D makes a load of cash for donation and the press corner him with ‘time to donate’! There are some serious themes though, Black Lives Matter is at the heart of this one and the entire plot is centered around Chicago’s gun violence and the tribulations young black men go through growing up.

Arguably best acting comes from the two gangsters who make a shot-calling appearence in the film, creating tension and keeping us, the audience, engaged. The worst acting comes from the teenagers who seem over supervised and, for guys, Common! – he wants to but doesn’t eventually hit Niki Minaj’s ***…i mean we were waiting?!! Come to think of it, just count how many times we were shown her booty! And she had a near monopoly on onscreen booty count! Her acting was so so, she needs to dig deep into other non Minaj likes roles, for instance Cedric playing an old guy is utterly convincing, i think better than Tyler Perry plays Madea.

What did you think of Barbershop: The Next Cut?

Rated 8 out of 10 for good clean comedy, 2 stars cut out due to unbalanced cast.

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