To be honest, Batman Bad Blood is fast paced with numerous breathtaking fight scenes and an excellent script dialogue that is easy to follow.

Batman: Bad Blood is a 2016 DC Universe animated superhero film. A sequel to the 2015 film Batman vs. Robin. It was released on January 20, 2016(relatively new). It begins with Batwoman intercepting criminals, soon as the fight starts, Batman arrives. A guy called the Heretic reveals himself and proves to be quite the badass going toe to toe with Batman. Explosives planted within the facility then detonate. Prompting Batman to fling Batwoman to safety leaving him stuck behind, he apparently perishes in the explosion.

Weeks pass and everyone has noticed that Both Batman and Bruce Wayne’s have disappeared. Meanwhile, after watching a news report of Batman’s disappearance, Damian Wayne (Robin/ Wayne’s son) makes up his mind to return to Gotham. Katherine Kane, it is revealed that she was saved by Batman, whose image, ideal and the selfless nature to help the victimized, motivated her to becoming Batwoman.

Robin and Katherine Kane both notice Batman resurface but with a different Bat emblem, after confronting him, deduce that its Dick Grayson wearing an old version suit of Batman. The three of them begin their own investigations unconvinced that the Batman is really dead. Heretic and his minion attack Wayne Enterprises, they threaten his son Luke Fox, forcing Lucius Fox to open the vault holding an unknown technology. At their lair it is shown that Heretic and his henchman are working for Talia al Ghul.

Bruce Wayne was captured and is slowly being brainwashed with a machine projecting laser like beams into his eyes and brain, to be able to control his mind. Grayson and Batwoman then arrive, to rescue Batman and Robin who was kidnapped by Heretic (who happens to be….no spoilers here). Luke Fox quickly joins them, now possessing an advanced combat exosuit (similar to Falcons’ of the Marvel Avengers) referring to himself now as Batwing. The three rescue Bruce and Damian, but Talia and her henchmen escape.

Luke reveals that the League of Assassins are planning to brainwash a number of world leaders at a tech summit held by Bruce Wayne. As the brainwashing is taking place, Nightwing, Robin, Batwoman, Alfred (quite the skilled hand to hand combatant), and Batwing arrive and fight Talia and her henchmen. The climax of the film begins here, you get to witness a brainwashed Batman battling his family and friends.

For the Gotham series fans you get to see the Penguin at the ending scene escaping from the police, which prompts the new Bat Team to go on pursuit.

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