She is beautiful,sophisticated,has a killer wardrobe(if i must say) and to top it all,successful. Being in her late thirties and single,she begins to question her decisions in life, conscious of her ticking fertility-clock, an ex she can never shake and a family that is solely dependent on her support,financially! Let’s take a look at MARY JANE’s life.BEING MARY JANE!

Main Actress,Gabrielle Union never disappoints, and all the gorgeous men will keep you watching this incredible series.
Season 1 is captivating,sexy,and morally questionable. Season 2 ,however,feels all over the place, with everything revolving around Mary Jane’s complicated relationship with her ex, David. Maybe you’ll enjoy it.

Run – time is 40 to 42 mins
Season 1 Complete – 8 episodes
Season 2 is out, 7 episodes into the series and still going.maryjane

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