This family drama should have been named “The Promise” since despite the whole story being based around a book, the actions of the main character are centered around one single promise to his wife, making the title feel a bit out of tune with the heart of the story. Its original title was even worse: The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea.

Starring Jason Sudeikis (best known for his appearance in Horrible Bosses) as an ordinary working guy called Henry who forgets everything and everyone except work, and his adoring wife Penny (Jessica Claire Biel) who reminds him of everything except work, they make up a perfect budding family.

Henry is about to make the deal of a lifetime at work that will transform the habour and his mind is so focused on the deal that he can’t even remember when he placed his shoes or tie or watch or toothbrush….Penny sorts him out with a smile and a kiss, leading to a perfect entry to a beautiful day.

The only problem is you can’t help but have a feeling that disaster is waiting to happen. And it does in such a dramatic manner it leaves Henry almost going crazy, or does he go crazy? except for a single promise he made to his wife that keeps him sane, at least to himself.

Somehow in the midst of this core tragic story the writers try to add the adventure based story about the book of love and the crazy characters around it, and characters keep popping in and out with no real meaning or value to Henry as the key character.

The true winner (and biggest loser) in this movie is Henry. How would you react if you lost your pregnant girlfriend in an accident just a month before having your baby? The core story is how Henry handles his loss by keeping Penny’s promise. Everything is secondary and if only the director had kept to this story line this would have been a very great movie.

Just to add that it has some funny scenes – like when Henry figures out that to get rid of the pesky dog is to mix weed with the dogs food. It promptly falls asleep but he gets busted and is forced to take the weeded food himself, leading to a really funny scene.

Maisie Williams plays a very serious girl called Millie who drags the movie out…the best characters turn out to be Henery, the black guy called “dumbass”! seriously! and his best friend pascal who cant talk english – he actually talks like a minion! and looks like one too! Too bad Penny had an accident, because was it a love story it would have been the perfect love story of 2016.

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