1 Spectre $130,700,181 2wks Sony / Columbia
2 The Peanuts Movie $82,489,856 2wks Fox
3 Love the Coopers $8,400,000 1wk CBS Films / Lionsgate
4 The Martian $207,407,616 7wks Fox
5 The 33 $5,845,000 1wk Warner Bros.
6 Goosebumps $73,487,390 5wks Sony / Columbia
7 Bridge of Spies $61,695,554 5wks Disney / DreamWorks
8 Hotel Transylvania 2 $165,244,692 8wks Sony / Columbia
9 The Last Witch Hunter $26,076,579 4wks Lionsgate / Summit
10 My All American $1,392,000 1wk Aviron Pictures


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