An hour and a half of my life i’ll never get back!!

Shaun Russell takes her son and daughter on a weekend getaway to her late father’s secluded, high-tech vacation home in the countryside. The family soon gets an unwelcome surprise when four men break into the house to find hidden money. After managing to escape, Shaun must now figure out a way to turn the tables on the desperate thieves and save her captive children.

I love Gabrielle Union..This woman comes as close to Keri Washington when it comes to playing a powerful black woman as can be.Whatever crap is this they made you act girrll? i hope they were paying you a butt load, coz this just tanked whatever you had as a career.

I like a good-old break in as long as its not something i have seen before. A lot of these movies start the same,someone has a secret or someone has the perfect family or the perfect life then there is a break-in,demands are made, demands are not met, someone gets mad, someone escapes, some thieves die,someone is the hero, they all live happily ever after, the end…snooze fest!! Sometimes, kill one of the hostages,let the thieves get what they were demanding for and leave, divide the family, revisit the issue years later..i don’t know, try anything to make it appear unique. This is why i don’t watch movies anymore..i’m so scared of wasting 2 great episodes of something i can tolerate.

I was left with soo many unanswered questions that i cannot depend on the next episode to be answered. Maybe you’ll like it.

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