Burnt  is all about a guy who wants to achieve greatness and doesn’t know how to handle failure

Burnt is an American drama film released on October 30, 2015, directed by John Wells and written by Steven Knight, from a story by Michael Kalesniko. Adam Jones (Bradley Cooper) worked at one of the leading restaurants in Paris, which his guru Jean-Luc owned. Due to drug abuse and agitated driven ambition for perfection (anyone reminded of Gordon Ramsey?) caused him to mess up pretty badly, costing him and his colleges their careers. Adam escaped for a while sobered up and sentenced himself to working at a bar shucking oysters but he still has his mind set on redeeming himself back to his former glory.

He goes to London to look for his former colleagues, Tony (Daniel Brühl) now manages his father’s hotel but due to distrust he wants nothing to do with Adam. He next visits his friend Conti (Henry Goodman) at the restaurant Conti owns. He then locates Michel, but when Michel opens his hotel Adam feels betrayed and sabotages the hotel by letting loose, rats in the kitchen and reported it to a health inspector forcing it to shut down, Michel forgives him and sets off to work for him (Adam).  Burnt is generally a drama about a brilliant-but-troubled chef looking for a shot at redemption, might leave you hungry for a meal you’ll possibly be struggling to afford. Money-wise, and maybe existentially. We know Cooper speaks French and we gets to hear him, plus we witness him throw his own type of a Gordon Ramsey-style fit (many times, even).

Cooper’s performance is praised but the script and storytelling is weak and ridiculous. Burnt received mixed reviews from critics, On Rotten Tomatoes, the film holds a rating of 29%, on Metacritic, the film has a score of 42 out of 100,  “Burnt offers a few spoonful’s of compelling culinary drama, but they’re dominated by an unsavory main character and overdone clichés.”

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