I was shocked to hear EXTANT is NOT being renewed for season 3. It is a very interesting sci-fi series featuring the always beautiful Hale Berry that i wished could turn out to be something as great as LOST.  Also, CONSTANTINE was cancelled too after just Season 1! and America’s next top model, to name a few.

Here is a list of 35 TV Series that are CANCELLED….don’t hold back your tears if you see your favorite show!

  1. Constantine – He was sent back to ratings hell after season 1
  2. Extant – the series went extinct after season 2
  3. Americas Next Top Model – Models canceled after 22 seasons, china’s next top model coming soon?
  4. Beauty and the Beast – Beast went back to Dr. 90210 and became handsome in last 4th season coming up soon.
  5. Dominion – Angels flew back to heaven after season 2
  6. Chasing Life – series told to RIP after season 2
  7. Graceland – Gone after 3 seasons
  8. Proof – Kenya’s Edi Gathegi is out of work after Proof was cancelled after one season
  9. Mr. Robinson
  10. The Exes – Not funny enough? show cancelled after season 4
  11. Under the Dome
  12. The Brink – Canceled 10/27/15; 2nd season will not air
  13. American Odyssey
  14. Hannibal
  15. Weird Loners
  16. Defiance – Cancelled after season 3
  17. State of Affairs
  18. Stalker
  19. Clipped – Cut after one season
  20. Revenge
  21. American Idol – Ending after this 15th season
  22. Resurrection
  23. One Big Happy
  24. The Mindy Project
  25. The Messengers
  26. The McCarthys
  27. Marry Me
  28. Downton Abbey – Ending after this 6th season
  29. Forever
  30. The Following
  31. Battle Creek
  32. About A Boy
  33. Da Vinci’s Demons – Ending after this 3rd season
  34. The Whispers – Cancelled after season one proved not to be promising
  35. Lilyhammer
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