Captain America Civil War Review

Review by Christopher Mwanjila

Black Panther
Black Panther

So I just had the chance to watch Captain America Civil War on the big screen and it just seems as if marvel (MCU) just won’t make any totally bad movie.

This movie kicks starts phase 3 in high gear seeing two opposing sides go head to head over the Accords which limits super powered individuals from carrying out any activities without the government’s approval. Taking inspiration from the civil war story line in the comics which is considered to be the best in marvel, the directors(Russo brothers) had to deliver in every aspect and oh men did they deliver. Having so many characters in this film, there was concerns that the film may end up feeling overstuffed just like Age of ultron did, but the directors do a fine job by handling every character so well that everyone gets a chance to shine.

Also civil war succeeds where Batman vs Superman failed in which everyone’s motivation to pick a side is well executed and feels believable. Every actor/actresses does a fine job in their roles but the standout performance was definitely Robert Downey Junior as Iron Man. For me his performance is the best of all the times his appeared as Tony stark. He just goes into a dark place in this movie and the
facial expressions he has in some of his scenes is well engaging.

Ironman Spiderman
Ironman Spiderman

The new heroes introduced just shows that marvel is the king of casting roles. Chadwick boseman as T  challa(black panther) brings out this charisma in his performance and nails the African accent perfectly,.. oh and did i say that he looks completely badass in that vibranium suit?……… Now am not going on full fan boy here but this Spiderman is the best representation of the character so far. Yeah Maguire and Garfield were all fine but Tom Holland brings the humor and geekeness that we want to see from Spiderman hence he ends up stealing the spotlight in every scene he’s in and will surely get you excited for his solo spiderman
movie coming next year.

The Action scenes are all well executed but the last airport fight scene between team cap and team iron man may well be the best action superhero scene ever, oh and it’s 15 minutes long so you know you are in for a show.

With exciting action set pieces, fine acting and a well executed plot, Civil War may just be the best MCU has to offer so far.
4.5 / 5.

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