Captain America Civil War Trailer: No. 7 Superbowl Movie Trailer

Review by James Maina

Captain America Civil War
Captain America Civil War
Captain America Civil War Trailer

The Avengers get to fight within themselves in this one. There is no external enemy other than themselves. Iron man goes head to head with Captain America in a fight of two different men who are from very different worlds. Iron man is the self anointed leader of the Avengers, a billionaire genius whose thinking gets messed up in Avengers Age of Ultron – the very excuse that forms a basis for this Civil War.

Captain America on the other hand is World War II soldier who was frozen and woke up in the modern world. Despite his old school history, Captain America still has moral principles that gives him an appealing moral edge as a leader, eventually leading him on a path against what he believes to be Iron Man’s dangerous plans for the world. He thinks the only way to save the world is to stop Tony Stark. Tony is filled with guilt about him seeing the all the avengers dyeing because the couldn’t save them, and the most logical way out is to make decisions which brings him on a collision course with Captain America.

The two heroes collide and it becomes, Civil War!

On Iron Mans Side:
Iron Man Civil War
Iron Man Civil War

Natasha Romanoff / Black Widow: A spy whose past as a trained assassin haunts her. Will she find her ‘greater purpose’ in Civil War? Interesting how she sides loyally with Iron Man and yet have a past with Captain America. Her power as an assassin is playing with people’s emotions and trickery.

James “Rhodey” Rhodes / War Machine: An air force man who operates the War Machine armor. He is 100% behind Iron Man as a friend and ally. His powers are like Iron Man’s, except the wit.

T’Challa / Black Panther: An African prince is for once involved in a super hero movie! Yipee! A fresh new character, we wait to see how much of a role he plays in the Civil War. What powers does he have? Is he Kenyan?

Vision: A self aware AI in the form of Jarvis plus a “Mind Stone” who was created in Avengers Age of Ultron film by Iron Man, Hulk and Ultron. This is the guy who destroyed Ultron and has super powers like Superman – he can fly, shoot laser from eyes, and pack a real punch. I honestly don’t see how Captain America can beat this guy. Will he discover what it means to be human? Will he express emotion? Once he discovers love, will he switch sides in Civil War?

Brock Rumlow / Crossbones: Another fresh new character probably allied to Iron Man.

On Captain America’s Side:


Captain America Civil War
Captain America Civil War

Bucky Barnes / Winter Soldier: The bad-ass from Captain America Winter Soldier movie makes a dramatic comeback to the Civil War movie, Bucky is on Captain America’s side – or is he?? He is one heck of an assassin.

Sam Wilson / Falcon: Wilson fought on Captain America’s side in the Winter Soldier movie, so he is 100% loyal to Captain America. He can fly and maybe combat Vision in the air?

Sharon Carter / Agent 13: A new character coming from SHIELD and morally allied to Captain America. What are her powers??

Clint Barton / Hawkeye: Why does Hawkeye side with Captain America in Civil War? This is one guy with a dangerous bow and arrow and one of my favorite avengers.

Antman: Antman sides with Captain America. I guess it is because of the Falcon’s influence as previously seen in the Antman movie. His power is to the ability to transform instantly into the size of an ant while using his power suit. We hope to get a few laughs from Antman and make the movie at least enjoyable.

So without further ado, here is the Superbowl trailer for Captain America: Civil War, to be released on May 6, 2016.




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