The buddy comedy genre of films has become a go to thing in hollywood since the past.The genre has proved to be  very profitable for studios at the box-office hence you find these type of films made from time to time. It becomes very exhausting watching these movies cause they tend to repeat themselves with no new ideas being injected.Well, Central intelligence is no exception but with Dwayne Johnson and Kevin hart’s onscreen chemistry this movie sorta ends up being a fun ride with hilarious results.

Bullied as a kid once he was in high school,Bob(Dwayne Johnson) now a buff CIA agent reconnects with Calvin(Kevin Hart), his high school idol who is now an accountant.Their reunion is short lived when the CIA comes up with new information which puts Calvin on the fence on whether to trust his mysterious overly obsessed new friend or the CIA agents.

Now the plot is nothing to right home about…we have all heard something like that before but clearly no one is going into this movie expecting a great script with twists and turns (well it has twists and turns but you know what i mean…….).

Even though some don’t hit the mark,the film still delivers on great jokes which surprisingly come from Dwayne Johnson who in this movie is the comic relief.Kevin hart ends up being the “normal” guy here but although he still yells a lot (in a good way) it is Johnson’s weird funny performance which comes with the laughs proving that the wrestler turned actor can act hell out of anything.

Central intelligence is not a great movie  but it comes with good laughs and funny moments for one to enjoy and have a good time.(hopefully there wont be a sequel, we all know how those turn out……..)

Rating 3.5/5.0. Review by Christopher Mwanjila.

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