I am a programmer. A nerd, whose life is spent creating code inside computers and trying to explain the result to humans. It’s a very lonely world but at the same time it is also a very exciting world since you get to play ‘Creator’ and create all sorts of new things.

Watching Chappie, i could not help but feel; ‘That could be me creating him!’ before realizing that the technology was was beyond me…or is it??

Chappie is a South African movie about a programmer who manages to create consciousness into a software program. He installs it into a robot and voila, Chappie is born. The story is not as straight forward as it seems and has very funny scenes of Chappie being a kid in a grown up world and body.

Some characters are poorly developed esspecially the gangsters but the premise of the story is quite original. An artificial intelligence brought into the world as a child and experiencing life growing as an independent being. The  poor side of the entire story is the big robot sub plot (you have to watch it too see it) but the big robot literally smashes the movie to bits.

Chappie could have been a classic if only the final part of the plot been well thought out, but given the release date and target market, we guess it was meant to attract those who wanted to see robots smash each other on screen. Unfortunately it doesn’t measure up to REAL STEEL or ROBOCOP in that aspect.

Despite the shortcoming, Chappie has great scenes and is quite an enjoyable watch for a South African movie.

Let me get back to coding iPhone apps in the meantime 🙂

Rated 3 out of 5 stars.


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