Chasing Grace’s sound is authentic and raw; a mix of joy and melancholia.

By Mumbua Nzula Nzyoka.

Some might argue that in this day and age, it is easy to discover new music as well as new artists, but the same can be said for popular music and artists. It is hard to concentrate on anything new or the joys of discovery if you are bombarded by the familiar creating something new every day. Take for example last week; Beyoncé dropped her new album “Lemonade” which meant that that event overshadowed a lot of other things.  Against Beyoncé, it is hard for an unknown band to show up on the map, but I did make a discovery, they’re called Chasing Grace.

Chasing Grace is a relatively unknown band, so it’s not surprising if you have never heard of them. Compared to One Direction’s 20 Million Youtube subscribers, Beyonce’s 9 million and Fifth Harmony’s 4 million, Chasing Grace’s 4,185 subscribers are but a drop in a very large ocean. However, what the band lacks in popularity, it more than makes up for in authenticity and quality.

In an industry where popularity is the oil that drives the machine, it is hard to find authenticity. Popularity thrives on one thing, and that is mainstream hit makers. The problem with mainstream hits is they rarely stand for anything. Usually, the message is dropped by the wayward side and replaced with great beats. Chasing Grace is still in its authentic stage, where quality is more important than producing a club banger.

It is hard to describe Chasing Grace’s sound. In as much as their sound is easily comparable to contemporary folk music, hidden underneath it all is something else. There is a rawness that permeates their music; a combination of joy and melancholia. Their music has undertones of melancholy as can be heard in Hozier’s Work Song but it also carries an upbeat(ness) as can be heard in Jessica Ware’s You and I. It’s a rare combination and one that works great for them.

The band’s most popular songs are “Run” (below) and “Tonight”.

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