Comedies to Watch This Easter

Get ready for a good laugh with our latest top 10 comedies to watch this east.

1. Sisters, release date: December 12, 2015, comedy

Two sisters have fun and silly fun in this comedy about two sisters who are as different as can be; one brunette and the other blond, one an organized nurse and the other an irresponsible stylist, one likes alcohol and the other doesn’t…and so on. Good thing is they still share the sister connection and both of them love a guy called James (not me! but looks like me 🙂 girls – sisters- holla at me this easter 🙂 ) They parents..well…are as boring as parents can be…making up a good chic flick. The story centers around a party and that means there is some great music also.

This is a good family movie for Easter, check it out for some good laughs.

2. Ride Along 2, Release Date: Jan 15, 2016, Genre: Action Comedy

We already did the review for Ride Along 2, the Ice Cube (why does he call himself ice cube, is he trying to be cool?) and Kevin Hart (why not call himself slap smile, i mean he gets slapped a lot and smiles a lot!).

If you love African-American comedies..and Kevin Hart, you must watch this one.

3. Daddy’s Home, Release Date: Dec 9, 2015, Genre: Family Comedy

I found this one to be boring but i guess i’m too old to appreciate the way kids love it when their parents come back after a long trip…or do they?

4. Man up, Release Date: April 9, 2015, Genre: Romantic Comedy

Be a man…man up! If a woman tells you that then, as usher says, you got it bad. Man up is a British comedy about a blind date gone wrong and that makes it ” a honest, heart-warming romantic comedy about taking chances and rolling with the consequences. One night, two people, on a first date like no other…”

Warm up your romance this Easter with this funny movie.

5. A date with Miss Fortune, Release Date: August 13, 2015

Just a few weeks ago i met a lady in Mozambique who went to a Witch doctor!  You went to see a what!??? i asked like 10 times, then realized i  better not judge…we are all human (or something else?)

This movie is a bit more extreme. Jack meets Maria in a very interesting way you have to see for yourself, he then tries to get to know her….and discovers she is a lot more superstitious than he bargained for, especially when she consults a Portuguese witchdoc…

No, this one i’m watching right now, its Easter isn’t it?

6. All Roads lead to Rome, Release Date: Feb 10, 2016, Genre: Romantic Comedy

A mom and daughter road trip that is a must see this Easter by all moms. Sarah Jessica Parker stars in this situational comedy about Maggie, an uptight, single mother who travels to a small village in an attempt to reconnect with her modern teenage daughter, and there she bumps into her former lover. The plot thickens as emotions and people run to Rome…you gotta watch this one.

A great Easter movie.

7. Band of Robbers, Release Date: Jan 15, 2016, Genre: Dumb Comedy

The characters in this movie look real and as dumb as some of us. I mean, who can afford a Deadpool costume? huh? you see, that’s why we put on a paper bag when we go do a robbery.

A copy drama action comedy about a band of robbers. How will this one end? Check it out this Easter.

8. Goosebumps

Goosebumps are those things that come on our skin…not pimples…but smaller, when we feel something scary or wierd or feel some cold breeze…enough of the mis-education, Goosebumps is a movie aimed at kid’s imagination about monsters and funny creatures in the neighbors house.

It is a bit too dramatic for me, but definitely a movie for the kids this Easter.

9. Sleeping with other people

Please please please dont sleep with other people this Easter! For your boyfriends/girlfriends sake, just watch the movie and that’s it! Coz its a lot more fun and easy, without repurcussions.

We did the review for sleeping with other people, and if you like it, watch it this Easter.

10. Chi-Raq

What would us men do if all the women in Kenya say they are no longer giving us that thing until we stop drinking? Would we go to the bar again? Would we become better? What if even the hookers and strippers say no…no boozer no cookie! I think we would all go to….let me say it please….Eritrea!!

To see what American men did in this Spike Lee movie, check out Chi-Raq, but don’t let the Nyeri community see this one, might give them wrong ideas.

and another funny chi-raq clip…this is one funny movie.



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