A love story in between another story of a single mother raising four kids in England, inside an old house in need of repair. What can go wrong? Apparently this is based on a ‘True Story’. If you can’t sleep, watch this movie.

Some time back in the 1970’s, two girls had a encounter with a haunted house. Their issues were publicised for two years in the UK press, then all of a sudden….silence. The tales ended. But not the dramatisation. Conjuring 2 takes up this story and presents it in a compelling way.

I like the way the horror bits are suspenseful, full of the sudden pops we all expect but – not a spoiler – no one really dies. That’s a plus…but also the key to the whole plot.

I like the interludes in between the nights where all the creepy stuff happens. A guy playing a song to happy kids…the non believers recording everything….its a welcome break from all the night drama.

The bad thing – if this is one – it that it simplifies the exorcism of the ghost….expected some more seriousness in that area. But you have to give it to this movie, it does not rush…it is well presented and plays along smoothly with twists and turns that are all connected.

Did it really happen? Check out the wikipedia story….

Scary movie with a wonderful ending.

Rated 8 out of 10 stars. Budget 40m USD and grossed 320m USD

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