I am such a sucker for superhero adaptations from comics, and when I heard that Netflix were producing an adaptation of the Marvel comic Daredevil, I basically knew I had to watch it.

Daredevil is a series of a blind man Matt Murdock from Hell’s Kitchen, New York, who dons a black mask to be a vigilante called “the man in the black mask” by night and a lawyer during the day. The city is plagued by drugs, kidnappings and corrupt cops who are controlled by a mafia and an overall kingpin, which drives Matt to become a vigilante so as to “Clean” the city. Every episode offers a new chance for him to balance between his duties as a good lawyer with his partner and best friend Franklin “Foggy” Nelson and their first client who later becomes their secretary Karen Page as he tries to get justice through the legal system and being a vigilante that constantly tries to maintain his morality to save his beloved city.

Although the current adaptation is a bit deviated from the original version (for those who watched the Ben Affleck Movie of 2003) which portrayed Matt Murdock as having super powers from toxic waste splashing into his eyes, this version shows him as having trained himself to hear and see with more than his senses and the concept him adopting the title “daredevil” is also not introduced until later in the series.

The plot development is also good as not all the information is presented in the first few episodes which allows the viewer to develop and in depth relationship and understand the characters, their points of view and their flaws, the “villain” is not presented as that, but as a human with their own reasons for acting the way they do.

For any person who loves comic remakes of superheroes with twists and good story line, then this series is a must watch.


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