Deepwater Horizon is the 2012 movie of 2016 but on a smaller scale. Based on a true story, it was a 2011 real life accident that caused one of the world’s largest explosions and the worst oil spill in US history.

Mark Warlberg tries to get rid of his Step Dad on screen personality – even worse, TED ‘comedy’ personality – and tries to present us with a character of a mature oil rig engineer with endearing love for his wife and daughter.

We all know disaster is going to happen, but what we don’t know are the human decisions involved in making man made disasters happen. The movie starts with a clue about a test not being done – turns out that this is the most integral part of a drill. Motivation? Guy in charge of the test was going on leave. Remaining guys want to finish the job and head back home. Human nature.

There are ironic scenes in this movie, most notable of which is the scene where one guy is being awarded a safety award….and another scene is where Mark and his workmate are faced with an impossible option: stay and get burned, or jump into the water full of burning flames.

This movie plays out slowly and picks up pace with intelligent conversation and logical reaction to disaster. Unfortunately 11 men died in this disaster and the oil drilling world needs to learn from this tragedy, even today.

Rated 7/10


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