Marvel’s Avengers Civil War having kick started “phase 3” with a bang, all eyes were now focused on the sorcerer supreme’s first big screen outing in the form of Doctor Strange. Mystical arts and magic haven’t┬áreally been explored in the Marvel cinematic universe before but with the direction of Scott Derickson, Doctor Strange is the first movie in the MCU to outright delve in this different direction and successfully nail every aspect of it.

Coupled with out of this world visual effects like you’ve never seen before, this film embodies the art of magic, inter-dimensions and mystical arts perfectly and it will be a sin not to experience it in IMAX 3D.The Effects you’ll see here are the best Marvel or any other superhero film has ever done, think of it as Inception on steroids as some of the scenes especially the opening one which involves buildings flipping over and bending while people are fighting on top of them is Magnificent.The experience you’ll have seeing it on the big screen will be totally different if you wait for the DvD release and seeing it on TV. (it deserves the 3D treatment).

Moving away from its visual awesomeness, Stephen Strange rise to becoming the sorcerer supreme may feel a little bit similar to other MCU outings as the plot draws comparison to previous films, a good example being Iron Man, but as much as the story-line may feel the same (which really doesn’t take much of the enjoyment of the film),Doctor strange stills bring a new unique addition to the MCU.

As much as the film is outstanding, still the film suffers from an underwhelming villain (a problem Marvel seems not to be able to fix). Mad Mikkelsen delivers a great performance as the main bad guy Kaecillius but he doesn’t have much screen time for him to come up as a compelling villain adding up to the roster of Marvel weak villains with the exception of Loki.

Benedict Cumberbatch who stars as the lead Stephen Strange was clearly born for this role,not only does he straight up look like the comic version of Strange, he brings the charm,humor and sometimes emotion to his performance and may well be one of the best casting choices Marvel has done.Also this being one of the most talented cast in all the MCU films (as three of the casts are Academy awards winners/nominees), it’s obvious that not only Cumberbatch shines but all the actors have outstanding performances case in point Tilda Swinton who plays the Ancient One.

With the humor we’ve come to expect from Marvel, Doctor strange is downright hilarious. Most of the conversions between characters are funny, even with serious characters like Wong who, without giving too much away, delivers one of the funniest moments in the film. (hint: “Beyonce”).

Doctor Strange is another great addition to the Marvel universe,it brings a whole lot of new themes to the genre and it is a groundbreaking achievement of how visual effects are done, which again needs to be seen in 3D.

Rating: 5/5

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