If you have not yet watched the Fast and Furious 8, you are missing out on some incredibly awesome mind blowing entertainment. Catch it on IMAX before it leaves the cinema!

Forget the song that sets the tone at the very beginning, to the car race that ends up with Dom converting a rival into a friend plus some really extreme street race in rio…all that can be forgotten except for 3 scenes in the movie that really make this a must a watch movie.

Apparently the bad guy(gal) in this movie is deceptively bad…and really mean, and she pulls off her evil ways in such dramatic fashion that well, she looks evil…and even better she does one thing most villains don’t do at the very end. She overshadows beauty by sheer character and willpower. Perfect casting.

Secondly, the car chase scene with the submarine is out of this world. Forget everything you have seen in the previous fast and furious movies…this one tops all the other car chases. And yes, there is a Lamborghini on the ice with one very funny guy.

And lastly, the best scene – at least for me – is with the little unmentioned star. He takes the gloom out of the entire movie and makes the show-off skills of full hand combat by Jason Statham look like kid’s play. And perhaps the most surprising thing in the whole movie is his name: Brian.

As i said, if you have not seen this movie, you really need to.



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