This is the silliest black movie of 2016.  And it is best enjoyed if you watch it together with your love partner….why? for sure at some point each of you will too embarrassed to watch! And if you want a little naughty fun in your evening, this is the movie to watch.

Fifty shades of Black is a fun comedy/parody based on the Fifty Shades of Grey movie that was banned in Kenya. The good thing is that it stars Marlon Wayans. The bad thing is that it stars Marlon Wayans. The leading actress – Kali Hawke – stars as Hannah Steale  and she somehow manages to keep the movie sane.

5 things “different” about FIFTY Shades Of Black from Grey:

  1. It’s about how black men act despite being rich
  2. It’s about how some white women pretend to be black – or don’t know if they are not
  3. It’s about how sex can be intimate, funny and wild at the same time – for one person
  4. It’s about how you can have the best f*ck jokes with your girl/boy friend. #awesome #men in black
  5. It’s about celebrating a person that you care about, even if the only way you know how is…..

This movie is a flat out copy of another movie but some fast facts to consider

  1. Fifty shades of Grey cost 40 Million Dollars to make! Fifty shades of Black cost just 5 Million dollars to make.
  2. Fifty shades of Grey made $569.7 million worldwide. Fifty shades of Black made 21.2 Million dollars
  3. Both scored negative reviews with critics.

What should you take away from this movie? The only positive i had – apart from cracked ribs – was a new song that made up the ending soundtrack song. What is it these days with songs and movies?? Hmm…

This song can be a nice ringtone though – Mr. Classic – Swaggaback

Rated 6 out of 10 for silly comedy and sticking to a story we all know.

After listening to this, i thought i would go back to the past, and listen to a famous Fifty shades of Grey Soundtrack






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