A yellow striped blue fish with short term memory loss stars in this nostalgic animation masterpiece from Disney.

Finding Dory is a family story about siblings finding each other, about appreciating your parents, and parents finding their kids. Full of emotion, comedy and drama, Finding Dory gels together a complicated storyline about a fish who figures out her home and despite her serious shortcomings, goes out  to overcome them.

I love this movie for the emotional connection between the characters…the fast pace and ‘action’ scenes, the blue water and fascinating animals.

If you love the ocean, you will love Finding Dory – a perfect family movie.

But, Disney missed a mark on a few things. First, not everyone has watched Finding Nemo, so how do new audiences relate to the argument about whether it was 3 or 4 sharks from Finding Nemo? They also took us back to a conservatory, making the entire movie feel like a advert or paid commercial.

Finding dory should have been about Finding Dory – simple search for a complicated fish.

Rated 8 out of 10 for excellent graphics.

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