Comedies are the best medicine…but only if they make you laugh

  1. The Big Bang Theory

There are many reasons to watch the big bang theory; chief among them is the fact that it is smart TV. Let me explain, in an age of Nairobi Diaries and The Kardashians, the world needs at least one show that promotes being smart or even a genius. It does help that it is arguably one of the best comedies around. All the main characters in this show are scientists except Penny, who is married to one of them. I’m just saying, being smart is cool too. If that’s not an enough reason for you, here is another reason, it’s funny.

  1. Undateable

The Undateable creator took the beginning of a joke – ‘a guy walks into a bar’ – and made it into a show. As of Season 3, the show has changed its format and is now doing live shows. It includes live performances by various musicians. This format change has made the show even livelier and entertaining. Because it is live, if the actors mess up, you get to watch a blooper unfold right before your eyes. No need for the blooper reel for this show.

  1. Black. ish

As the title suggests, the show follows a black family living in the suburbs which is not a black thing to do apparently. The show is hilarious and the kids are just as funny as the adults. Starring Anthony Anderson and Tracee Ellis Ross, Black.ish is the 2015 answer to the Cosby show.

  1. Teachers

I’ll admit that when it starts, it does come off as a bit weird but if you give it a few more minutes, you won’t regret it. There are moments throughout the episode that will leave you laughing hysterically and some will leave you praying for the kids who have the misfortune of being taught by these weirdos.

  1. You’re the worst

Is a romantic comedy that isn’t a romantic comedy! You just have to watch it! The great news is that it has its moments.


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