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Review by Camie Gitari

Flesh and Bone 2015
Flesh and Bone 2015

After a long career as an acclaimed dancer, Paul Grayson founded the American Ballet Company, and he’s determined to make it rank among the world’s best artistic institutions. The key, he believes, is Claire Robbins, a transcendent ballerina, capable of reaching the sublime, but her inner torment and aspirations drive her in compelling, unforeseeable ways, especially when confronted with Paul’s ping-pong fits of ebullience and rage.

ABC’s mercurial leader requires his dancers’ abject devotion… to an extremely unhealthy degree. Infused by New York’s inherent drama, “Flesh and Bone” is a gritty, complex series that steadfastly explores the dysfunction and glamour of the ballet world.
When you meet Claire,for the first few minutes of this series you can’t help but be drawn to her absolute innocence and ability to make you love the art of Ballet for those of us who could care less(Myself included) about it.

There’s a mystery to her though,that keeps you glued to the screen,episode after episode (and this is saying a lot as one episode in 52 mins to an hour) hoping to solve it..damaged goods,is what normal people would call it,but i got to say,it’s a little more disturbing than that…
Season 1 is complete with 8 episodes..Enjoy!

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