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Game of Thrones Season 5 just concluded recently and if Twitter is anything to go by, we are not ok. I am still lying in a puddle of my own tears and breathing in the acrid smell of despair. I should have known! We all should have known that it would end badly. The signs were all there and yet…

Season 5 started as a bit of a yawn fest. Yes, there were a few gasp worthy moments thrown in here and there early on but nothing that delivered shock value until we got to the middle. What is it they say about rain again? “When it rains it pours,” and that is exactly what Season 5 did. When the first blow came, the blows did not stop coming until we were broken and bloody. Here are 10 moments that totally shocked us on GoT season 5 (In the order they happened).

1. Ser Barristan the Bold dies (S05E04)

Ser Barristan Dies
Ser Barristan Dies

This was the first blow of the season to be honest. In an episode titled ‘The sons of the Harpy’ we bid farewell to Barristan Selmy, the beloved and great knight who has served House Targaryen through several regimes including that of the Mad King. Ser Barristan the Bold was the victim of the masked murderers calling themselves the sons of the harpy who were rebelling in the streets of Mereen against the anti-slavery rule of Dany Targaryen. I mean who rebels against anti-slavery other than lunatics. Even when he was outnumbered, Ser Barristan the bold fought bravely as only one so bold would and took many of the lunatics to the grave with him.

The reason Ser Barristan’s death delivered such shock value was because his character in the books is still alive and well. It was the first move by the show to depart from the narrative of the books. And a bold move it was.

2. Sansa’s Rape (S05E06)

Sansa's Rape
Sansa’s Rape

This incident brought on such controversy after it was aired that critics, viewers, feminists and human rights activists (ok, that’s a stretch) were talking about it for a week until the events of the following episode overshadowed it. The question on everybody’s mind was, ‘was it really necessary?’ In an episode rightly titled ‘Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken’ we witnessed the marriage of Sansa Stark to that idiot Ramsay Bolton (when is this guy going to die?). As cringe worthy as that ceremony was, it was what came next that broke every throners heart. We all knew that they would need to consummate the marriage but we did not expect it to be done so brutally and we certainly did not expect Ramsay to order Reek formerly Theon Greyjoy to watch. I mean the horror! The scene did not happen on camera but Theon’s sad whimpers and Sansa’s terrible screams gave us all the information we needed to know. Seeing as this did not happen in the books, we were rightly shocked! Not cool GoT!

3. Cersei’s Imprisonment (S05E07)

 Cersei Imprisoned

Cersei Imprisoned

I had been waiting for this woman to go to jail since season 1 and it finally happened in ‘The Gift’ and oh, what a gift it was. I blame her for everything that is wrong with the world including global warming. Cersei’s case is one of the chickens coming home to roost. It was a long time coming. This scene was not shocking because we did not expect it to happen, it was shocking because we all wanted it to happen but we never thought it would. And oh, the irony! Cersei was imprisoned by the same high Sparrow she used to imprison Queen Margaery. I mean, Karma is one hell of a B*. Cersei was imprisoned for the sins of adultery, fornication and incest. I feel nothing, she deserved it.

4. The White Walkers (S05E08)

King White walker
King White walker

In 20 years when the Game of Thrones has run its course, every fan will still be talking about this episode titled, ‘Hardhome’. It was the most chilling 20 minutes of television I have ever watched. The scene for the battle of Hardhome was superbly done and the special effects were so on point, I am convinced that it is where half the budget went. We had seen a few white walkers in the previous seasons of GoT but nothing to make us understand why we should be afraid of winter. Hardhome did that. The reason this scene was so shocking is because it crept up on us. We were not expecting it until the zombie avalanche happened and when it started it did not stop until half the wildings were dead and part of the dead army. There were a few times in the scene when I was terrified for Jon Snow’s life even when I knew he couldn’t die. (Boy, was I wrong! and this should have been the first sign to be honest but that’s coming later). What Hardhome showed us was that winter was upon us and that the white walkers were some BAMF’s. Don’t get me started about that last scene when the night king raises his arms and all the dead start raising. *Shivers* (So I was terrified of the night king but now I am rooting for him, you’ll find out why in a bit).

5. Stannis Baratheon murdered his own daughter (S05E09)

Stannis murders Shireen
Stannis murders Shireen

Any respect I might have had for this man is gone, dead and buried! The episode, ‘The dance of Dragons’ brought about the death of Shireen Baratheon the most innocent victim on GoT. To be honest Stannis Baratheon and that red haired witch should burn in hell. In a saddening turn of events, Stannis Baratheon decided to sacrifice his own daughter by burning her alive in order to win the fight against the Boltons. (All for nothing as you shall see below) Who does that? To be honest, that’s all I have to say about that!

6. Daenerys Targaryen finally rides her dragon (S05E09)

Dany rides Dragon
Dany rides Dragon

Remember the sons of the harpy previously mentioned in point 1 as the cause of Ser Barristan’s death? Well they showed up again in ‘The dance of dragons’ and they came in numbers. While Dany was busy cringing at the fight going on in the fighting pit, one of the members of the rebellion was poised ready to stab Dany until Ser Jorah’s sword saved her from death. After that all hell broke loose as the rebellious maniacs surrounded Dany and just as everyone was thinking, ‘we could use a dragon right about now’ one showed up. It was Drogon and after he smoked a few of the sons of harpy he flew away with Dany on his back.

7. Stannis loses the fight and dies (S05E09)


Can you believe that after Stannis Baratheon sacrificed his own daughter he lost the fight? That in itself was shocking. Well, it was not really a fight but rather devastation. He never stood a chance and his loss was evident on his face as he watched the Bolton army surround his men. Just as you may have guessed, they were annihilated. However Stannis’ story did not end in the battle, he was found later by Brienne of Tarth sitting under a tree. (Talk about being the very image of defeat). We do not know whether Brienne killed him seeing as the scene was cut before we saw the sword come down on his head but I choose to believe he is dead. He deserves to die just for killing his daughter.

8. Arya’s kills Ser Meryn Trant (S05E10)


I long for the days when Arya was just a sweet, innocent child but when the world throws you lemons, there’s nothing much to do other than to make lemonade with blood, a lot of it. ‘Mother’s Mercy’s’ most gruesome scene was delivered not by Ramsay Bolton as you may expect but by Arya Stark. The stabbing began with the eyes and when Ser Meryn Trant was on his knees, she kept stabbing until there was nothing left. Take it from us, it was bloody.

9. Cersei’s walk of shame (S05E10)

Cersei's walk of shame
Cersei’s walk of shame

I shall never look at a bell in the same way again. Although Cersei did deserve to suffer for the suffering she has caused many, she didn’t deserve the walk of shame. No one does. (Except maybe Ollie). It also did not help matters that that scene went on for as long as it did. Without any clothes or her golden mane to cover her face, Cersei was left bare to be pelted by rotten fruit and dear God was that faeces? Cersei has done wrong, we all agree but that scene was brutal.

I did not want to get here. I am still not over it. After this, no one is safe on the Game of Thrones, absolutely no one. In a shocking move that left many crying, shocked and contemplating suicide the men of the night’s watch killed our beloved Lord Commander. After King Joffrey died I thought I could never hate a character as much as I did Joffrey but I was wrong, because Ollie is on my wanted list. He deserves much worse than Cersei got. (I am probably overreacting but still…) In the few minutes after the stabbings had begun, I was in denial. (What am I saying? I am still in denial) All I could hear was ‘for the watch’ but it finally sunk in when Ollie stabbed Jon Snow. Apparently the sin of saving the wildings is punishable by death. Why? Why do the good die young and still so hot? Like I said, at this point I am supporting the night king. I hope the army of the undead comes and murders every member of the night’s watch. I am done with them. In the meantime leave me to mourn the loss of Jon Snow.

He was a brave and honourable man, the Lord Commander and a sworn brother of the Night’s watch. He was named for Snow, a name that could only describe his pure heart. He was Jon Snow. And now his watch has ended.



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