The original Ghostbusters(1984) is gonna stand the test of time as one of the classic comedies to be put to screen.It was universly praised and it is even ranked 28th on the American film institute list of comedies.It was even selected by the library of congress for preservation last year in the National film registry, so imagine the uproar that was created when it was announced that there was an all female lead reboot of the film!

Well, with an outstanding and likeable cast, Ghostbusters tries really hard to live up to the original even though the laughs comes in few and the plot feels similar. What actually stands out in this film is the cast who seem to have incredible chemistry between them and have fun even though the material they are given doesnt give them much freedom for a comedy film as the laughs dont come as much as youd expect from a Paul Feig movie with the exception of Chris Hemsworth’s performance  as a dimwitted secretary who steals the show as the comic relief.

The CGI although not bad,it felt too much and at times overused in certain occassions especially the final act of the film which sees the four ghostsbusters taking on an army of ghosts in the middle of New york……..and what’s up with “the black hole in the sky” now seen in most movies?

Look, Ghostbusters is not great as most people had expected but it just has enough going on it for it to shut all the feminist bigoted naysayers up finally.

Rating: 3.0/5.0
Review by:Christopher Mwanjila

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