Gods of Egypt That Bleed Gold and Metamorphose Like an Ancient Race of Decepticons and Autobots: a kind of Mystical Transformers of Egypt

This is a fantasy film (key word fantasy) directed by Alex Proyas about the adventures of a young man Bek (Brenton Thwaites) who, forced by circumstance, unwillingly teams up with Horus, a god who would have been heir to the kingdom of Egypt if it were not for Tet, a powerful and overly ambitious god of the desert who came forth to oppose the coronation as he felt that it was his destiny to make Egypt great again and to prove to his father, Ra (Geoffrey Rush) that he was better than his brother Osiris.

Bek is willing to sacrifice everything just to see his beautiful lover, but very dead Zaya just one more time, his tale and struggles is so touching and very disheartening when everything that he tries seems for naught and in vain. (I felt bad when Horus played him for a fool, promising to raise Zaya back from the dead, which was an impossible feat even for the gods).

There was a lot of fuss about the film even before it was premiered, (how can Caucasians play characters that depict an African Nation?) I was frustrated as well until I watched it, for a film that is most definitely loosely based on true events the cast doesn’t matter, it’s no big deal. In fact Chadwick Boseman (of African descent) portrayed a god named Thoth who was the most intelligent of them all, even answering the Sphinx’s riddle, you hear no one complaining about that. If you were planning to boycott the movie for that trivial matter my friend you are missing out. The movie is great the cast chosen did deliver with stunning performances. Gerald Butler’s portrayal of the evil and envious uncle Tet was magical, he is a commanding figure that you can’t help hate and pity because he didn’t wait for a chance to be given, and he took it all by brutal force. My favorite in the film sadly he dies…

There is great action scenes, and the merge between CGI and the real acting is handled so well, making the movie such a delight to watch. I rate the film a 7/10


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