Grey’s Anatomy Season 12 Review

We’re still trying to catch our breath after Derek died. Yes, I know that happened a while ago but Derek was an essential part of the series. For a long time, one of the main storylines was focused on Derek and Meredith’s relationship. Now he’s dead and we have to move on. Got it.

With the start of Season 12, I’m sure I was not alone in paying extra attention to Meredith, watching to see how (and what) she was going to do next. And things started off pretty well. A cosy sisterhood started forming between the three ‘Grey’ women. Meredith seemed okay with her new widow status. Then everything began to unwind. By the time we were going on winter break, Penny (the doctor who had ‘killed’ Derek) was now working at Grey Sloan, Jackson and April looked doomed as did Amelia and Owen, Amelia and Meredith were constantly fighting and Alex and Jo were hanging in the balance. Oh, and let’s not forget, Amelia broke her sober streak. Drinking with none other but newcomer Dr Nathan Riggs aka Owen’s arch enemy.

[If you still haven’t caught up on the series’ return and you plan to, here is where the real spoilers begin].

This February, Grey’s Anatomy came back with a bang. Literally. I mean, how many bashings can poor Meredith take? Academy Award winning actor and director Denzel Washington came in to direct the powerful traumatic episode and I think he did an outstanding job. The episode, aptly titled, The Sound of Silence, took us through yet another crazy attack on the programme’s star, Meredith. This is the part where people who don’t watch Grey’s Anatomy say, “Seriously, I don’t know why you people watch that thing! People are always dying or getting attacked; bad things are always happening. Why do you still watch it?”

There’s a reason to our madness.



Episode 9: The Sound of Silence

And so we spent nearly the entire episode in silence. And pain. And the agony of watching everyone else’s drama unfolding without being able to clearly tell what was going on. For a lot of the episode, I was afraid that this was it: the end of Dr Meredith Grey. How was she going to be a surgeon if she couldn’t hear? Then there were the other story arcs. Jackson served April divorce papers and she was not happy about it, to put it mildly. Amelia came to work drunk and distraught, and then had to start her sobriety all over again. We still did not know what was going to happen to Alex and Jo after his messy proposal, especially now that he was spending all his extra time with Meredith.

If you ever doubted the acting skills of Ellen Pompeo, this episode is the one that sweeps all doubts away. It’s hard enough making the audience believe that that is your life when you can speak and move around. When you manage to do it confined to a bed, unable to hear or speak, that is amazing. Hearty congratulations to Denzel Washington for a wonderfully executed first-time directing gig.

Karev attends to his patient
Karev attends to his patient

Episode 10: All I Want is You

Meredith is back at work and mandated to see a psychiatrist. It looks like things are finally back on track. Well, almost. Although Jo and Alex and Owen and Amelia begin to make headway, the episode still leaves us hanging on the Jackson – April story. Through therapy, Mer learns that she has a whole village to be there with her and now, she’d rather not be alone anymore. It was cute to see Maggie and Andrew’s relationship bloom some more.

Episode 11: Unbreak My Heart

An entire episode dedicated to the love story between Jackson and April. We get an intimate look at all the things we did not see before. Oh, my heart! I didn’t know they actually had a whole other wedding with a different minister and a different wedding dress. I just assumed that they had a simple civil ceremony but this is April Kepner, I should have known better. It was so refreshing to see how much these two used to love each other. Seeing how everything unravelled was a great insight at what actually happens in real – life relationships. It’s sad that April didn’t see how much she hurt Jackson by running away to Jordan. And now the divorce is final and it looks like this is the end of Japril as we know it. Or is it?


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