I watched Gumbaru leo afternoon and couldn’t help but burst out laughing in under a single minute. Gumbaru has come from far, with adult characters representing every common Kenyan character.

Starting of course with the mluyha who cannot decide which language he will use. He mixes everything up making one very funny sentence. Secondly is the msomali…do all somalis chew miraa all the time? really?

Third, in this episode is Tin Tin and his crew of disgruntled youth. Turns out he used cash raised for a funeral for buying clad and impressing chics. His new found confidence even turned towards the teacher where it was met with a slap!

I could go on and on and on…maybe i can dare ask: who is your favorite character in Gumbaru?

The best thing i like about this comedy is that sometimes it gets so funny that everyone bursts out laughing at some point Рif you can get your own actors to laugh, you are doing something really good.

Indeed even the production is professionally done, though the lighting could use some help, and some of the cast look like their job is just to say “one liners” tu! Character development would help, like in the very unfortunate case of Tin Tin!

Gumbaru is actually a very creative program airing on K24, about guys who have decided to take advantage of the free education offered to adults by the Government at Gumbaru Skool. Thumbs up to the upcoming Director, Eunice Gatonye, for making a really good comedy.

Rated 7 out of 10




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