I always look out for hidden gems, movies which are not popular but are creative and entertaining masterpieces in their own right. One of them is Haunter (2013)

Haunter starts off like a horror, and you expect a scare in the first few minutes as it starts, only to discover, in pleasant surprise, that’s is a mystery thriller. Starring the Oscar nominated Abigail Breslin as Lisa, it shows a family doing the same routine every day…but something seems off…and Lisa can’t quite figure it out…

Eventually she discovers she is a ghost….and to make matters more interesting she discovers this as she was trying to contact a ghost only to realise she was contacting a real person – Olivia. Set in the 1980s it shows how she gets surprised when she goes into the future, ends up seeing an iPad and takes a moment to figure it out, and then shocked to see a kid playing nintendo wii…

Haunter is a story very well told, will keep you on the edge of your seat and has a great story from start to finish. A hidden gem you should definitely watch.

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