A Review of “New Beginnings” by Sheena M

Biggest news of the night: Bianca is pregnant!

Yes, the newest nurse who had already slept with Dr Kimani before she even knew he was the Dr Kimani, is pregnant. She cleverly took the pregnancy test at the hospital and then conveniently threw it in the dustbin of the hospital bathroom. Where anyone can find it. Anyone like her boss nurse who doesn’t like her much.

Can somebody explain to me why Dr Kimani was soooo excited that he got Bianca pregnant?

On the other side of the drama scale, Catherine pulled an act worthy of an award when she called her lawyer, Alex, crying about how she’d been left by her husband. Sadly, it turned out that her acting was all for naught. For her husband had left her broke! There was still the option, however, of getting Julia‚Äôs inheritance. Sounds just like something out of a Shakespearean play, right?

Allan was called by the kidnappers for the ransom. Which he did not have. So who did he call? Catherine! Catherine who had just been informed that she was broke. But somehow, in some way, Catherine came up with the 1 million and saved her son-in-law. The person who wasn’t so lucky? Lexi. She ended up in a mental institution. Was that masking tape I saw tying her down?

Sean and Bianca met at the bar. Then they had a silly argument that got them kicked out. An argument which was not serious enough to warrant an expulsion. That whole encounter of theirs was not original. Or believable.

I suppose this was a set-up for something to happen between them. A one-night stand? A short-lived fling? I truly hope not. They are not a good match.

And what was that business with Catherine and the knife? Did she kill someone? Her husband?

There were too many plot holes in this episode – even if they plan on explaining everything later. Since we are quite the forgiving audience, we shall keep giving them fresh chances to redeem themselves.

To New Beginnings!

Watch it every Friday at 8:30pm on KTN.

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