Hidden Gem Movie: Madeline (and the 3 idiots)!


Madeline is one of those few movies which can capture your attention by it’s pleasantness and keep you entertained and hooked on to the screen until the very end, and what an ending!

First lets start in the middle of the movie: if you have actors with stage name “idiots”, how would you address them: “You idiots!”? It would be correct, no?

Madeline is about a young girl in boarding school who is as naughty as can come. She gets into trouble left right and center, disrupting everything, everyone and even the neighbours. She does find her match in the neighbors kid – to say the least.

There are very funny moments in Madeline, and even the saddest part of the movie is handled with such class that it leaves you not in tears but instead rooting for Madeline – wishful thinking that everything should turn out right for her.

How the story turns into a kidnapping car chase with an escape only Madeline can conjure is beyond fiction, even made funnier given that it is carried out by the 3 idiots.

This movie is a must watch for family viewing:kids will absolutely love it.

PS: There is a newer TV series cartoon you can look for but the movie is perfect.

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