No.5 Hidden Gems – Good though not popular movies of 2015

Review by James Maina

No.5 Hidden Gems – Good though not popular movies of 2015

These are movies that are hidden from public view and are definitely worth watching. We select 5 of the best hidden gems this year. Starting at No. 5 is…..Momentum (2015)

Movie: Momentum, Genre: Action, Release Date: 14th August, 2015

Why it’s good: This action thriller is surprisingly entertaining. Unlike most political action movies, the plot in based around a strong female lead and has an interesting and exciting narrative. There’s plenty of action, car chases, fight scenes and more, for those who like an action packed movie, as well as an engaging story with plenty of twists and turns. It’s a very entertaining way to spend 90 minutes. Excellent acting and a lot of familiar faces within the cast ensure this will become a firm favorite of many viewers.

>> Check out the Momentum trailer
Momentum (2015)
Momentum (2015)


Check out the trailer for Momentum


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