These two movies are arguably the best music movies of 2016. One is more on dancing and the other is more on singing. Yet both use music as an expression of love in a bid to unite communities. One has to be better than the other, which one? 

Honey 3
Honey 3

It all depends on your taste. Honey 3 is all about hip hop, with the centre of the story being a hip hop dance version of Romeo and Juliet – the awesome RJ Dance.  Sing street is about discovering music, writing songs and pop – kinda soft rock – music.

Set in the 70s, Sing Street is like watching the Beetles come alive in Ireland, raw and immature, with the lead singer being a 15 year old boy faced with life choices beyond his control. On the other hand, Honey 3 is set in 2016 South Africa, or afro-New York, depending on how you see it, with a beautiful female lead starting off the movie with an aggressive show-off dance off in a club with smooth choreography that will capture your instant attention.

Personally i liked Honey 3 for being true to hip hop regardless of geographic location. The passion is in the music, and even though the plot is weak, the beats are sound, the bass is there and the clad…wow…i need to get some sneakers. People in Honey 3 dress real well.

Sing Street is about much like me – doesn’t care much about how he looks. He would rather paint his brown shoes black than get new ones. A rebel at heart with a listening heart. He is the quintessential band leader – think of Maroon 5 getting formed and Sing Street is it, the kid is 100% passionate about creating music and he indeed has a great voice.

Where Sing Street wins over Honey 3 is the love story. Honey 3 has such a plain relationship drama story, there really is no emotional extremity, except for some extreme jealousy by African actor Sibongile Mlambo acting the part of Ishani, a street girl with an attitude driving the lead actress Cassie (Melea) nuts!

In Sing Street, we see the traditional boy meets girl. Boy does anything to see girl again. Boy kisses Girl. Boy loses Girl. Boy sings about Girl. Girl comes back to Boy. Boy loses Girl Again. They win each others hearts, and eventually ride off into the sunset. Incredible love story, and the kisses in between..let me just say…wow.

If you have watched Sing Street and Honey 3, which one did you like the most?

Sing Street rated 9/10 (White men can’t dance!)

Honey 3 rated 8/10 (Complicated love story)


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