HTGAWM episode 10; on second thought, I’m not even sure it happened…

HTGAWM has key ingredients that it uses to create unforgettable episodes and this episode, had most of those ingredients if not all. Episode 10 used the following ingredients hallucination, murder, lies and a trial. Now that we have established that, let’s begin with the first one shall we?


Hallucination in this episode was so strong that half the time I wasn’t sure what was happening hence why I am unsure as to whether I watched the episode or I imagined it. Much like Annalise hallucinating a crying baby. After Bonnie picks Annalise from the hospital, she drops her at her house and leaves at Annalise’s insistence. A few minutes later, there is a knock at the door, and before I realize what’s happening, a hysterical woman gives Annalise a baby and leaves. Trust me, I was just as shocked as Annalise. After receiving a call from Annalise, Bonnie gets to the house, and Annalise proceeds to hand her the baby and goes into her office. This, however, is where things get unclear. Once Annalise shuts the door to her office, we see Bonnie dropping the baby who apparently doesn’t exist. The baby was just Annalise hallucinating.

That’s not the only scene that’s unclear, Nate drops by to see Annalise and they have a conversation except I’m not sure whether the conversation was about them or if everything that was said happened in her mind. It seemed real but so did the conversation she has with Wes when he confronts her about how she knows him. After she refuses to tell him, he leaves, but Annalise changes her mind and decides to go after him, except when she gets downstairs, she sees the baby again. So did she have that conversation with Wes or was it in her mind? I’m not sure. At this point, you can’t trust anything from Annalise’s POV.

Lies and More Lies

Everybody is lying about something, but that is not something new on HTGAWM. Let’s start with the small lies, Laurel is lying to the rest of the Keating 5. They think she is the one who shot Annalise. The only people who know the truth are Wes, Annalise and Laurel.

Keeping in mind that Annalise is the biggest liar among them, this should not come as a surprise to anyone. It is obvious now that she has been lying all along about how she knows Wes. I can’t wait to find out about that backstory. Also, what happened to the baby she was carrying in the flashback?

Now onto the biggest lie of them all, they’re still standing by their statement that Katherine Hapstall shot Annalise. Even Michaela, whose lying game has grown stronger since Season 1, stands her ground when confronted by Katherine’s brother, Caleb. In defence of the Keating 5, they are bound by the first lie which involved murder, so it’s not like lying is something new. However, for all of them to not go to prison, they need to keep this lie together and at the very centre of the chaotic crime scene they have created, is the lie that Katherine shot Annalise.


It wouldn’t be HTGAWM if there were no murders. At the beginning of season 2, the only murders we were solving were the murders of the Hapstalls. However, that has turned into another murder Emily Sinclair’s. By now we know who committed each of these murders but that’s not the point of the show, the point is how the characters get away with it, which brings us to the fourth ingredient.


Let’s all remember that this whole cover-up hinges on the hope that the trial against Katherine goes according to plan. However, this plan also needs Annalise’s testimony for it to succeed. Keeping in mind that Annalise is hallucinating, it might not be the right time for her to testify in court. But that’s what happens when the judge throws out the written testimony and insists that the testimony has to be verbal. Instead of losing, because Annalise is a lawyer even when her brain is not, she turns the trial in their favour by convincing Caleb, Katherine’s brother, to ask Katherine to plead guilty for shooting Annalise. Katherine does so and tells the judge that she was drugged by Philip Jessup. If there is one thing you can always count on, it’s the fact that Annalise is a damn good lawyer.

So, in summary, just another episode of How to Get Away with Murder!

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