“In the Heart of the Sea” is a mesmerizing heart breaker

Review by James Maina

In the Heart of the Sea(2015) review

My favorite spot to hang out is Pirates Beach in Mombasa. The name pirates suits it well, as the beach boys are notorious for hustling the patience out of holiday makers, pick pockets abound, and yet despite all this, thousands and thousands of people descend on the beach every weekend because, i presume, of one thing: The water is clear and great for swimming, the beach is stunning and great to watch, plus the marine park is simply outstanding in its sea life.

In The Heart Of The Sea (2015) is a 2015 movie that reminded me of my silly, drunken and come to think of it – downright dangerous adventures at Pirates beach. In my story, we drunk till morning and hired a sail boat with one intention – sail into the deep sea and watch the sunrise from there, quite an adventurous proposition. As we were sailing, the driver of the sailboat – is he called the captain? – asked us if he could fetch some star fish for us to see. We were more than happy to say yes. But the moment he dived in to the water, we took control of the sails, like pirates! and started sailing away! As if by magic, the sea heard our intention, wind speeds picked up suddenly and we rapidly shifted 200m away from the unfortunate captain who resurfaced from the ocean floor with his prized fish and confusion in his face! hey! he shouted! we were panicking too! wind speeds were like 100km per hour – we were heading straight to the reef at breakneck speed! For the rest of the story, well, let me just say ilikuwa story mrefu, but we all made it!! and did the same thing all over again the next day this time meeting and attracting to near shore a huge dangerous fish that had Pirates evacuated!

I love Pirates!

Anyway, In the heart of the sea is about a guy who wants to make a better house for his young family. And the best way he knows how to do this is through selling whale oil – that is hunting down whales and extracting whale oil for sale by auction. Apparently they had not discovered oil in the ground by then.

He gets an opportunity in the form of the Essex, which gets an inexperience captain from royal blood. This pisses him off as he wanted to be captain but common sense – money – prevails and off they go, into the sea.

They sail through a storm and finally start the hunt. The ocean is spectacular and the hunt for the whales is exciting. Except the captain makes some silly mistakes and it costs them dearly. Then as they get the scent of success after spotting a school of sperm whales, they come across a white whale so large they cannot believe their eyes.

And this whale monster is not just large, he is pissed off! and he hunts them down – making the story a truly sad one. Of horror, and survival. With no fun. The sea turns from beautiful into a desert kind of feel. The men do unspeakable things. The whale kind of dishes out the same experience of whaling to these guys.

Its a very sad story, yet it is mesmerizing, especially if you watched it in HD.

Rated 8 out of 10 for stunning sea scenery.


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