Incorporated – TV Series Review


In the distance future, companies are in control of the world in such extremity that there becomes a distinct divide between the haves (green zone) and have nots (red zone), in the new thrilling sci-fi series called Incorporated.

I asked fellow writer Camie Gitari what she thinks about Incorporated…what is it it worth watching? Her answer:

“It’s set in a time where corporations have taken over because the world has “expired” due to overpopulation, drought, etc. So there is division, the green zone and the red zone. The green zone is where everyone who is born in it has great education, lives with self driven cars, incredible housing, good food, and a great job. In the red zone, its the opposite.

So there is a is this boy who was set in the red zone but somehow managed to con his way into the green zone.

The story is centered in his conniving nature”

I found the special effects to be amazing, the story a bit too centered on a love lost and the bad guys being too scattered. But it has some amazing scenes, such as when a guy is made to catch a rat…then eat the rat! Yuck!!!

What do you think of Incorporated?

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