After watching this film i really don’t understand what’s all the negative talk is about.
Given that most of the sequels released this year have under performed both critically and financially, Independence Day Resurgence is one of the few occasions that the second movie is actually as good as the first one.

Set 20 years after the events of the first film, IDR shows a United earth which has come together and used the technology recovered from the alien ship which attacked 20 years back to enhance the planet’s security and protect earth from another attack, but with a new alien race lurking on the horizon, equipped with an even bigger and more advanced ship than the first one, all the stakes are gone.

IDR brings back old characters (…….. no will smith) and introduces new ones who breath new life in this film. The new young lead characters are well executed and although there could have been more interactions between them, that doesn’t make you not want to know more and care about them. The old characters brought back from the first movie also make an impact in the movie especially Dr Okun who lightens up the mood with humor in some of the scenes his in.

Overall all the actors / actresses do a fine job (we can finally let go of will Smith now……..).
Now for a guy who directed the first Independence Day movie, 2012 and is probably known for his destruction end of world movies (Roland Emmerich), you know that this movie is visually stunning and the effects are glorious.

From the new space ships, advanced weaponry, bigger aliens and out of the world destruction, the CGI is done well in which it doesn’t feel overdone (looking at you Transformers) making the movie feel syfy realistic and entertaining.

The main drawback in this film however is that it somewhat lacks that emotional punch needed in a movie where alot of people are dying and property being destroyed, you can’t help but get a little bit disappointed at times because clearly thousands of lives is being lost from the disaster but you as the audience don’t actually feel the impact of the devastation experienced. (The plot is not emotionally driven for you to actually care).

IDR may not have a great plot or the best character development ever but one thing is for sure, it is entertaining throughout.

Don’t believe the negative hype from critics (33 % rotten tomatoes is ridiculous). If you are looking for pure entertainment, Independence Day Resurgence is worth the price for admission.

Rating 4.0 / 5.0.

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