Innocent Njuguna: “Wataona moto” only on Majaribu

Review by James Maina

Innocent Njuguna as Joseph Miti

Innocent Njuguna plays Joseph Miti, the older Miti brother. He has just been released from prison,
after serving a seven year term. Bitterness and revenge drive him. He believes he deserves
everything Fidel has and more. He feels like the world owes him something. In his opinion, his
brother Fidel has gotten everything he should have gotten. But when it comes down to it, Joseph
will see that you can only do so much with no consequences.

Innocent Njuguna is a versatile actor who has been on several local shows like Jane and Abel,
Santalal and Pendo. Majaribu is his newest project.

Innocent Njuguna

Innocent Njuguna

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