Jarhead 3 is all about a routine assignment that hastily escalates and explodes into an international crisis

The film is directed by Will Kaufman from the (The Hit List) whose script was prepared by Michael Weiss of (Scorpion King 4: Quest for Power). The film hosts a lot of familiar stars such as Charlie Weber (“HTGAWM”), Scott Adkins (The Bourne Ultimatum), Tom Ainsley (“The Royals”), Erik Valdez (“Graceland”) and many more that you will see in the film.

Albright a Corporal is sent to duty at an American embassy in an unnamed fictional Middle Eastern town, some refer to it as the Kingdom. (I guess the fetish with war movies right now is the Arab world). His attitude already leads to abrasion with Sergeant Raines. After noticing a suspicious camera crew outside their base gates, Albright begins to detest the care free stance of the base camp. He now senses that the embassy might be under surveillance. After Raines puts in a transfer request for Albright removal, the strain inside is now matched with the intensifying peril outside the base and most of the combatants are oblivious to that.

This is a story told at an appropriate day and age about a U.S. Embassy under attack and the significant role of Marines in ensuring that every U.S. citizen in a foreign country is safe, the film illustrates a determined and disturbing intrusion into the real lives of today’s self-sacrificing soldiers. The same applies to Kenya and how saddened we were after the KDF at their camp in Somalia were massacred by the heinous al-Shabaab. Lord Rest their Souls in Peace. I celebrated for every villain that died in the movie, hahaha kwani iko nini??

Jarhead 3: The Siege is the latest film in what is now, on the record, a franchise. If you’re perplexed how this happened, you should be. As I am obviously, I haven’t even watched Jarhead 2 Field of Fire (which I will and give a review about). The war action flick receives 3 ½ stars out of a possible 5.

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