Joy (2015) is a movie for every business woman

Joy (2015) is a movie for every business woman

Joy (2015) is showing at the below Cinema Theaters today.

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Joy is played by Jennifer Lawrence of The Hunger Games, currently the worlds most highest paid actress with an estimated income above $52m in 2015, according to Forbes magazine.

Joy is a movie about a strong woman figuring our her inner passion, using it to start a business by making a truly impressive invention while at the same time balancing the ridiculous demands of family and friends.

Her background

It starts out slowly laying out her life and growing background; a mom who can’t leave the TV alone – she gets so immersed into a soap it is funny that she wont leave the bed during an episode! She is not so close with her sister and realize her independent will and thought. We see her as a kid building a paper castle and empire and declaring her future to her lifelong friend.

In many ways Joy is very generous and accommodating person, innately honest and good on the inside. Why else does she accommodate her ex-husband in the basement? Why does she accept her washed up dad to move back into her house and convince her ex to live with her dad together? Why does she tolerate all the nonsense by almost everyone in the house? At the very core it shows someone who loves her family regardless of their individual quirkiness.

The Business idea

But life is not going well for her. She gets demoted at work and being the main income earner – this hits her hard. One night, when reading to her daughter, she is hit hard by memories of her past. Her friend comes to visit and reminds her of her dreams of building an empire when she was a kid. She breaks down – talking to herself and everyone thinks she is crazy – and goes through such a natural process of self discovery and adaptation to the situation, that we realize why this movie is nominated for an Oscar.

Joy ends up making a invention that doesn’t look so inspiring to the common man. The way she markets it is by hawking! Businesses start this way. She convinces her family and friends to invest, and they do but end up messing her up in the process, so badly in fact that she almost loses her house and gets 200,000 dollars in debt. To make it worse, a conniving supplier hikes her prices and almost drives her business to the ground.

Going Broke

But there is no prince charming in this movie. Joy fights her way out of tough situations. She fumbles around in getting a TV commercial for her product but says OK to everything, it being her first time in a corporate world. Her mistake of not being in charge of her product almost costs her her company. Another mistake she makes is letting other people do decisions for her. She eventually realizes she has to do all the key decisions  and does so with everything she has got.

Business Lessons

The most critical part of any business is at the startup point. Small decisions made every day could make or break your business. In Joy we see a realistic example of someone making that journey, especially with a demanding family, and coming out the other end victorious., even with collateral damage.

This one we rate 8.5 out 10, and highly recommend it to all who are business to check it out.



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