In the upcoming new Kenyan Film “Too Sweet”, Celebrated actor Gerald Langiri convincingly plays the role of Jim who hides behind his insulin jabs to make it through his day to day activities like work and personal relationships. His life however turns around when he falls in love with his colleague Grace (Played by Wahu Kariuki).

Sam Kihiu as Raphael
Sam Kihiu as Raphael

What starts off as a simple office romance escalates to Jim and Grace moving in together.  He is forced to no longer hide is condition and Grace has to now adjust her life to accommodating Jim.

Will their love last? Will Grace be able to cope with Jim and his condition?

“Too sweet” gives a wake-up call to the public, and possibly Kenya, about how serious diabetes can be. It doesn’t however take away that you are watching a movie. No, this is not your preachy type of movie on the subject of diabetes but gives a subtle look into the lives of many people who are diabetic.

A tree house media production, the movie was produced by Jamal Anjuri and sponsored by Healthy Mwananchi and Kenya Defeat Diabetes Association (KDDA) and Kenya Film Commission(KFC).

It is Written and Directed by George Muiruri who has written and directed for shows like Tumaini Senta (KTN) , Maisha Bure (Maisha Magic East),  Taxi Driver (Maisha Magic East).

It stars Gerald Langiri (also famous for movies like House of Lungula, Fundimentals, Inherited (Maisha Magic East)). Veteran actor Sam Kihiu also known for roles in Valentine Ya Njaramba and Maskani and plays the role of Raphael, Jims best friend.

Wahu Kariuki as Grace
Wahu Kariuki as Grace

New comer Wahu Kariuki plays the role of Grace, Jims Girlfriend.

The movie was shot late 2017 and aims to premier in mid 2018.

Check out the trailer below


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